The reality of a truthful existence

The reality of a truthful existence

Kathleen Mind

Have you ever watched someone make such an obvious mistake or bad decision; and the whole time you’re watching, you think to yourself, how could they not see what’s really happening?

This is an interesting phenomenon.  There is something in our awareness that operates like a blind spot. For some people, and for certain aspects of their life, this spot can be relatively insignificant or overwhelmingly blinding.  An example of this, is the parent who thinks that their child can do no wrong; meanwhile everyone else can see what’s really going on. More often than not, we cannot see so clearly the things we are closest to. 

How about this, does this experience sound familiar? You take the same route everyday as you drive to work, and then one day you are surprised by the “new” whatever.  However, everyone says “that? What are you talking about? It’s always been there!”  So it’s been there the whole time, but because I was so much into my own space of things I didn’t see it, until all of a sudden one day there it is!

This is why it is crucial for me that I surround myself with wise people that tell me the truth. I actually go one step further, and ensure that these people love me, believe in me and want only the best for me.  This is how I know that I can count on what they are bringing to my attention; so that I can gain the awareness and make the choices necessary to eliminate that blind spot, or not. It’s up to me how long it takes.  I may need it pointed out to me many times, in different ways, before the clarity that I need comes.

Generally speaking, the people in your life are not inclined to tell you the truth, they are often only telling you what they believe you want to hear. These people aren’t really doing us the favour that they believe they are.  From the time that we are small, we are taught that there is an acceptable time to lie. “It’s just a little white lie; it won’t hurt anyone.”  We are told that if you tell the truth, you could hurt someone’s feelings. So in order to avoid that, we are trained to lie. In this, we are taught to avoid the truth, as it comes with pain and is something that can be avoided. Often times we may even avoid the people that we know will tell us the truth; as we think that receiving the truth will bring anticipated pain.   Our brains have been trained to believe that it’s not safe to tell the truth. We even have sayings like “the truth hurts”. We want to avoid pain at all costs, so we’ve stopped telling the truth.  What I find to be the most interesting thing about this is that more often then not, the pain in realizing the truth, it’s actually far less than the pain the actual experience can cause.

What do I mean by this? Take for example, the pain of a relationship break up. Especially if it comes as a surprise; it can be quite painful.  Once you’re on the other side of the break up, and have healed; you realize that the relationship wasn’t actually as beneficial to you as you thought it was.  Now that you’re on the other side, you can see all of the ways that relationship was detrimental to you. This new awareness can allow you to progress, and make changes in how you operate moving forward.  Had that breakup not happened; how long would it have taken you to come to terms with this same information? If ever?

When we decide to stay in our wounded state, we naturally seek out the people who will give the support and sympathy, that plays into our narrative. We seek out people who will be on the same page as us, and will help us to feel better; but this actually prolongs our wounded state.  These people will agree with us, no matter what; and this often makes us feel better knowing someone is on our side. Even though this may feel good in the short term, it’s truly detrimental to our progression. This story that we tell ourselves over and over, of how we are a victim, stops us from moving forward.  Perhaps having someone on our side really means that they will help us to see the reality of the situation, and what we can do differently to move forward. 

Also detrimental are the people that will take us down every chance they get, as this makes them feel better about themselves.  You want to watch out for these people; as your best interest is not at all their focus.  These people are focused on making themselves feel better, and will attempt to accomplish this no matter what it takes. I’ve also experienced this also in the past; but never again!

Where does this leave us?  Well, life would be so much easier to navigate if we surrounded ourselves with people that love us, want the best for us; and are willing to tell us the truth when we need it. 

Have you ever looked back at an experience and thought? “Yeah that was obvious, why didn’t I see that before?” Having these people in our lives, will help us get to that place so much quicker than trying to go it alone.

There are as many versions of the truth, as there are people in the world.

More specifically though, when I say people that will tell you the truth; what does that mean?  Let’s take this one step further and discuss truth.  This is a tricky one, who’s truth? Mine or yours? On which day, from which angle?  We all know the saying “truth is in the eye of the beholder”. The issue with this is that the perception of truth is subjective.  There are as many versions of the truth, as there are people in the world. What has become accepted as being truth, is actually just an agreed upon interpretation of a subject.  The thing is that every person’s truth, must first go through the filter of their own ego; so the moment that it enters their mind, it is already flawed. The truth therefore has already been skewed by oneslife’s experience, by their wounding, by their unique version of what’s good and bad, by their feelings of how life should work for them, etc. This means that the words that leave one person’s lips, full of good intention; can quite easily be received as something quite the opposite, depending on the filters that it goes through when its received.

So if this is what truth is, then maybe we should focus to a greater degree on reality. On what is actually happening. When we are able to rely on these trusted people in our lives, we have a better chance to focus more on the reality of the situation; rather than the story that is created from the ego and replayed. 

While there are many ways to find people that will support you in this way, for me; I found a whole community of trusted people when I started taking classes with The Modern Mystery School.  Here, I found people that were focused on helping others to find ones own self empowerment, through greater awareness. All in an effort to bring peace, love, and joy to the world.  This is where I started my journey to really know my true self, and uncover what my unique purpose is.  Through this quest, I’ve been able to broaden my self-awareness, and my relationship with the world around me.  When I struggled or  faltered; I had a community around me that would support me no matter what.  Great people that were also on the same path as me; the kind of people where you can lay down your defenses, and truly let them in. This is because I know that they really do want the best for all humanity; and aren’t afraid to do the work needed to get the job done.

 Great examples of this are these two men, Dave Lanyon, and Gudni Gudnason.  These gentlemen have created a space for anyone from any walk of life, to come and be safe, accepted, and encouraged.  It was in this space that I was able to learn how to stand strong in my power, and to have the courage needed to heal what was ultimately holding me back.  Not only that, along side them, were so many women who were leading by example. Empowered women leading the charge to bring peace around the world; teaching internationally to help others reach their potential.  What I experienced during this time, was that when I wasn’t strong enough to stand in my power; both Dave and Gudni stood beside me, and held that space for me.  Always encouraging me to take the reins, to stand strong in the knowledge that I was capable and worthy, and that I could in fact hold my own. I always knew that also standing behind them, was a whole community of people cheering me on!  Men and women on the same mission, working together with balance, to bring peace around the world. Through what I have learned at The Modern Mystery School, I know that I am able to stand for myself, and also offer that support to a great many people around the world.  Has it always been perfect for everyone?  Nope! Our life’s experience was never meant to be perfect.  

I am aware that without a doubt; the support from all of the people of The Modern Mystery School, what I have learned has shaped what truly matters most. I have been able to raise amazing children as a single Mom. Children that have grown up knowing their worth, empowered to stand as independent beings, ready to take on the world!

Within that I found myself, the self that I was always meant to express to the world.  The self that believes in the miracle of empowerment; the self that takes that out into the world everyday. These facts and this reality bring me endless amounts of Joy; and bring me full circle, having people in my life that love me enough to always tell me the truth!