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HI, MY NAME IS Kathleen

I am a Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon.  I have obtained my extensive training through The Modern Mystery School.  As such I am certified in many different aspects within this lineage.  

I am passionate about helping people connect with their life purpose. Experiencing this first hand I know the vast benefits to living life in alignment with one’s purpose, and the joy that brings along with it.  In order to Guide you to connecting with your purpose, I will help you to reconnect with your original blueprint, by reawakening the part of you that remembers who you really are.  All that you require to undercover your purpose are already within you.

It was my initiation as a Teacher, Healer and Guide into the Lineage of King Salomon that amplified my natural ability to flow this Light and love energy. I will always take the extra step to help you make the necessary connections to who you really are, and what your purpose is.

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”


How can I help you to obtain
re-connection with your purpose?

We will work closely together to peel back the layers of “life” that have piled up in order to help you remember your true self. You will receive knowledge, tools, and inspiration to dive in and gain the clarity that you need to re-connect with your purpose and begin to understand how to realize your full potential.

Step One


This session will help to unlock many levels of your original divine blueprint. Giving you direct access of the map of who you are meant to be, the true you. Once these connections are re-established you can begin the process of discovering the pieces of you that were previously unreachable. 

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discover your
lifes purpose

Your involvement

  Have you spent time to discover the real you and what brings you Joy?

Do you ever feel like you’re giving all of the best parts of yourself to others, and that is isn’t enough left over for what you need?

In receiving these ancient teachings and applying the tools into your life you can begin to live a life totally designed by you, that’s in alignment with your life’s purpose.  Allowing you to wake up everyday feeling excited at what is to come.  From this place you can enjoy what you have created for yourself and witness how that serves other people as well. 


Featured Journal Entries

The reality of a truthful existence


Have you ever watched someone make such an obvious mistake or bad decision; and the whole time you’re watching, you think to yourself, how could they not see what’s really happening?