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modern mystery school

What is a Mystery School?

As this hasn’t yet become a common term, this is a question heard many times over.  In short, a Mystery School represents a group of people that are dedicated to bringing empowerment to the masses by sharing the sacred ancient teachings that have been preserved for many thousands of years within a lineage.

Why is lineage important?

For the Modern Mystery School lineage is integral to the validity and authority of the teachings.  This lineage dates back to King Salomon’s time and before, representing well over 3000 years of sacred knowledge passed down verbally from teacher to student including the process of physical initiation into this powerful lineage. 

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Who are our key lineage holders today?

All Lineages have a lineage holder, that is alive on the planet anchoring the energy of the lineage and its teachings in the physical.

Modern Mystery School Third Order

The Third Order – Currently the Modern Mystery School has three lineage holders, firmly anchoring this energy for access and use around the planet.  
These Lineage holders are – Ipsissimus and Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome.  Together these Lineage holders ensure that the Lineage of King Salomon remains true and strongly anchored on the planet. 

council of 12

As the Lineage holders anchor this energy onto the planet, the Council of 12 Women oversee the management of this energy around the World.  This council is currently represented by 12 Goddesses, 6 from the Western world and 6 from the Eastern world.  
Together with countless initiates from around the world we work tirelessly together to accomplish our Mission of World Peace.