Queen initiating a knight

empower thyself

This two-day intensive program acts like a Guide book of Life and the functions of the Universe.

This helps us to understand how to navigate life and helps guide us to all that we could hope to achieve. These powerful 2 days complete with a physical initiation into the lineage of King Salomon.  Receiving a Physical initiation is like finally having all the light switches turned on.

This allows us direct access to our natural abilities, and to more clearly understand our divine purpose.  Initiation helps to anchor Light into the physical body to help propel us towards our goals and dreams with greater focus and results.

In this program you will uncover previously hidden knowledge:

  • The Negative Ego and how it tries to trick us into believing that we’re not worthy.
  • The potential of Humans – what are we here to accomplish, what is our purpose?
  • Structure of the Universe, and how we can use this structure to help us on earth.
  • Meditation – how does this powerful tool help us to connect with our purpose?
  • The human body and the energy structures that we have access to
  • Exercises to expand and develop our Intuition on all levels.
  • Several tools to help us to cultivate and wield the energy around us, both for protection and empowerment.
  • So much more!

All of this culminates in an expansion of your energetic structure by 10 times!  Allowing you to direct this energy towards the realization and fulfillment of your life’s purpose. 

Investment of $1100 per session

**This price includes class materials